A Citizenship for All

What is it?

A movement to make Global Citizenship a reality

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Recognition of the bond of our humanity could spark the beginning of the next chapter of our species.

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Citizenship can be used to recognise all people as equal and be a means of delivering access to basic needs and human rights to those who need it most.

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Built on the Blockchain

Leveraging the blockchain can create global trust unseen in the world today.

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We don’t need free education, we already have it. It’s time to make it available for everyone and create a world of equal opportunity.

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Global Citizenship will give you a say on global issues that affect your life.

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Internet Access

The internet is humanity digitised, and access to it is a human right. Free global internet access sponsored by the global collective.

Why do we need it?

Global issues require global solutions. There are a issues that affect every person on this planet, regardless of where they are from. Some of these include:

  • - Climate Change

  • - Refugee Crisis

  • - Pandemics

  • - Global Job Automation

These issues require global collaboration and coordination. There is no current mechanism to have a say on these issues that will affect every one of us. What we're trying to do is give the world a voice, and deliver equal opportunity to all.


Millions of people see humanity before nationality.

This citizenship will bring together those who identify as human beings first and foremost. This global community already exists, it just hasn't taken shape yet.

It's time for us to recognise that we are bound by our humanity and the Earth and to become formally represented on the world stage.


We can make this happen now.

  1. 1. Create a global, grassroots campaign to spread the message of what could be. (Think bigger than KONY2012)
  2. 2. Get as many people as possible to put their name to this concept, saying that they believe in this united future.
  3. 3. Take this show of global support and go to the UN and make Global Citizenship a reality!

  4. From here, we engage the best and brightest the world has to offer and crowd-source the solution. The future is ours to make.


The specifics of how this program are unknown. Right now, they are not what's important. There are millions of people us this world who believe in this sort of future, and among us we can source some of the greastest minds to see this become a reality.

It's time for the global community to stand up, make their voices heard and come together. It's the next step in Human evolution.

There are a number of organisations and people working on creating there own countries, like Asgardia and Bitnation. Asgardia already has close to 200,000 people! It's time we put these ideas in front of the masses, join forces and create a better world for all.

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